Point It book

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Found a traveler online who raved about the Point it book.  It is a picture book that you can point to when language is a barrier.  I love it.  It is small and fits easily in the pocket.  I can … Continued

Just sold my truck!

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Looks like everything is coming together.  I just sold my truck today so I am carless for the month.  It went into the shop for a few repairs and I spoke to the general sales manager to get an offer. … Continued

India visa has arrived in the mail

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India visa arrived.  It took me about week to get it back from CKGS, the company India outsources their visa applications though.  For residents of Colorado, I had to use the Houston Consulate for India.  I purchased the FedEx carrier … Continued

Purchased my plane ticket and travel insurance.

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Just purchased my travel insurance for an entire year with World Nomads Travel Insurance which cost me $1300. Yesterday I received word that my India visa application is being mailed back.  I should receive it today.  Not wanting to wait … Continued

India visa application mailed.

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Just mailed a stack of papers along with my passport, copy of passport, copy of drivers license and extra two visa photos to Houston. I wasn’t crazy about mailing my passport but it is done now. I am just hoping … Continued

Departing March 8th, 2015 to Goa, India

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I’m currently working on the India Visa application.  I completed the online portion of the application on Friday and this week I have send off half a dozen signed documents with my passport to Houston in order to receive the 6 month visa. … Continued

India Train Information

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  http://www.seat61.com/India.htm#routes Great website for India Train information and the foreign tourist quota (FTQ). http://trainstuff.in/ftq

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