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I have been so busy and excited with everything that I have missed out on writing a post about my visit to Hampi. Hampi is a village in the middle of a hot arid Indian desert with numerous temples dedicated … Continued

Mumbai and getting my travelling legs

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I feel that I’m becoming a better traveller and more confident in my abilitity to get around in a foreign country.  I have always thought of India similar to what mountain climbers think of Mount Everest. This place is the … Continued

Learning to longterm travel in Goa.

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Yesterday I wrote a beautiful post and accidently deleted it.  I’m still learning this new phone.  I decided to stay in Goa for a little bit longer and delay my Hampi trip.  My decision came after meeting a Canadian couple … Continued

Palolem breakfast

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Breakfast.  I have been hitting the Cafe Inn each morning because they actually have a espresso machine and make fresh coffee. They also have mean smoothies.  This is definitely the best coffee in Palolem that I have had.  I get … Continued

Got an Indian SIM card

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I went and applied for an Indian SIM card.  From Palolem, I took the scooter to Chardi which is the closest town.  I had to give them my passport, an extra passport photo, and fill out an application.  My 25 … Continued

Palolem Beach, India

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Well, for those of you who don’t follow the other social medias.  I have made it to Goa!   Palolem Beach is such an euphoric place.  I got a $10 a night beach hut with electricity and a fan.  It … Continued