Pokhara update

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I awoke to another tremor this morning at 5 AM.  I think at this point everyone was sleeping or too tired to react. I didn’t see the hoards of people rushing outside like every other time.  My room has been … Continued

Pokhara, Nepal – Another tremor last night

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We had another aftermath tremor last night.  I was on the third flood of my hotel and felt the shake.  Like times before you could hear a rush of people screaming and running outside.  I immediately got dressed and hurried … Continued

Nepal Earthquake – I am okay!

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I am okay.  Luckily yesterday morning at 7:30 am I left Kathmandu on a bus for Pokhara.  It is typically a 6 hour drive between the two and I think we were closer to the epicenter of the quake during … Continued

Taste of Altitude sickness

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I made it to Lobuche 16,210 feet which is roughly 1500 feet below Everest Base Camp.  I was feeling really good here for the first couple of hours and then my first taste of altitude sickness hit me.  Seems like … Continued

Update on Everest Base Camp Hike

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At Dangboche 14,500 feet.  Two days of hiking in the snow from Namche which makes me feel like I am in my Colorado comfort zone.  I am feeling good and strong.  No problems with the elevation yet and I am … Continued

Agra and the Taj Mahal

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I honestly don’t even need to write a post about the Taj Mahal.  There are more pictures of this building than any other building but since I visited the Taj, I believe it deserves a post.  Even if it feels … Continued

Traveling in India

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Travel can be hard at times. It can be exhausting and uncomfortable but definitely very rewarding. I would say that is the adventure of it though. Like having to share a bed in an all night sleeper bus with a total … Continued

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