Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am currently in the pursuit of my dream to travel the world.  Ever since I was a little kid watching Alby Mangals, I have dreamed of one day globetrotting to far off exotic lands.  I have been to a few countries, but I feel it is really hard me to experience a place with my two week vacation.  Typically it takes me the first week to settle in and then the second week start getting into the groove just as it is time to come home.  I want to be able to amble about, meet locals, take photos, not feel rushed, really understand cultures, and see and do things that will not fit in a two week window. This year I am making my dream happen.  As Warren Miller once said “do it now or you will be one year older when you do.

This past year, I obsessively googled every country I could think of, viewed 1000’s of youtube videos, read books, blogs, and spent countless hours researching how to logistically make this happen.  I skipped out on going to red rock concerts, trips, fun events, brought sack lunches to work, and became a cheapskate on everything else in order to budget for this.  I have sold or donated most of my possessions, made doctors appointments, and got immunized for a select few international diseases.  I have gotten new reward travel bank and credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, setup a new skype account and learned how to keep my cell number while traveling. I even setup a service that scans my mail and emails it to me. I found numerous tips online but nothing can prepare me totally for the adventure I’m that I’m on.

So on March 8, 2015, I ventured out with a one-way ticket to India and currently traveling.  Who knows where this journey will lead me.  My goal?  Well, it is to travel around the world.  I have a tentative plan on India, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina but I am keeping it flexible.  I am purchasing one-way tickets along the way, riding chicken buses, dilapidated trains, leaky boats, and traveling by any other means necessary.  I may end up staying in one place for longer and may not even complete the circumnavigation.  This is about living in the moment and exploring the world.   Who knows where it will ultimately take me. That is adventure of it!  I have tried to budget for a year of travel so we will see how that goes.   What possessions I did not sell or donate, I have stored in a prepaid year 5×5 storage unit.  Well, here I go, eyes wide open, heart full of wanderlust, and ready to explore the globe! I’ll keep this blog updated as well as posting videos on youtube.

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