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Okay, what is Taiwan? Where is it?  Most people who travel in Asia seem to bypass this culinary epicenter of the world.  A lot of Americans don’t really know it more than a “Made in Taiwan” label that used to be … Continued

Traveling in Japan

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Mt. Fuji I am truly impressed with Japan and this wonderful country on so many levels. As a traveler, I do some site seeing but my real reasons for long term travel are to study and observe other cultures and … Continued

Capsule hotel in Japan

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   These are absolutely fantastic. Austin and Portland have slogans that say things like “Keep Austin/Portland weird.” Well I think Japan should have the same but this is one of those things….that keeps Japan cutting edge. The famous capsule hotel. … Continued

Foodie in the Philippines

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Okay as many of you know, I am a foodie.  Yes I admit it.  I am a gormandizer and love to experience new tastes that can send me into an eye rolling in the back of my head euphoric high.  … Continued

Living and healing in Manila, Philippines.

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Yes.  Philippines, you are giving me butterflies in my stomach.  You are the perfect package and everything I have ever wanted….you are beautiful and take my breath away, you are romantic and wear your emotions on your sleeves, you are … Continued

Kuta Lombok – Surfs up

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Kuta, Lombok.  Not to be confused with Kuta, Bali.  Kuta, Lombok is on another island east of Bali and has a much different personality.  The feeling of Kuta, Lombok is that of a Jack Johnson surf video.  It is laid … Continued

Gili Air, Indonesia

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Took an hour long speedboat across the open sea from Bali to Gili Air Island.  White sand beaches, turquoise translucent waters, cabanas, locals strumming on weathered classical guitars, and beautiful happy hour sunsets while sipping on a frosty cold beer….yes … Continued

Padangbai and Scuba Diving in Indonesia

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Padangbai is on the east coast of Indonesian island of Bali.  It is the port for people catching the ferry to Lombok and the Gili Islands.  Besides being the jump off location for Lombok, it is known for world class diving as … Continued

Ubud – Cultural Center of Bali

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Ubud!  Ubud is considered the cultural center of Bali and is located inland on the island.  It is also a pilgrimage location of every girl who is a fan of the book “Eat, Pray, Love.” Yes, it is a tourist … Continued

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