On stable ground in Thailand.

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I made it to Bangkok.  My last night in Kathmandu was a sleepless one. I was awoken by more earthquake tremors.  After doing my walking tour of the devastation around Kathmandu and seeing the war zone, my mind was racing.  … Continued

How to spot fake yelp and tripadvisor reviews

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Figured I would share a tip on how to spot real verses fake online reviews. With more and more businesses understanding the importance of online advertising, they are willing to spend money and try to bump up their reviews anyway possible.  These … Continued

Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp

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Perfect view of Everest.  Having a view of Everest this clear seemed very uncommon at this time of the year.  I took this photo from Kalla Phattar (18,373 feet).  This is a day hike from Gorak Shep which is the … Continued

Pokhara update

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I awoke to another tremor this morning at 5 AM.  I think at this point everyone was sleeping or too tired to react. I didn’t see the hoards of people rushing outside like every other time.  My room has been … Continued

Pokhara, Nepal – Another tremor last night

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We had another aftermath tremor last night.  I was on the third flood of my hotel and felt the shake.  Like times before you could hear a rush of people screaming and running outside.  I immediately got dressed and hurried … Continued

Nepal Earthquake – I am okay!

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I am okay.  Luckily yesterday morning at 7:30 am I left Kathmandu on a bus for Pokhara.  It is typically a 6 hour drive between the two and I think we were closer to the epicenter of the quake during … Continued

Taste of Altitude sickness

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I made it to Lobuche 16,210 feet which is roughly 1500 feet below Everest Base Camp.  I was feeling really good here for the first couple of hours and then my first taste of altitude sickness hit me.  Seems like … Continued

Update on Everest Base Camp Hike

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At Dangboche 14,500 feet.  Two days of hiking in the snow from Namche which makes me feel like I am in my Colorado comfort zone.  I am feeling good and strong.  No problems with the elevation yet and I am … Continued

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