Backpacking India to Nepal

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What to pack for India and Nepal?

I am currently trying to research backpacking from India to Nepal.  I know it is a common backpacking circuit so there is bound to be information on it.  I have many questions that I’m working on answering now.   What do I pack for Nepal?  What do I carry when backpacking India and Nepal.  India will be more traveling and Nepal will be more trekking but for an around the world trip, do I lug around my trekking gear in India for the Nepal trek?  Do I take some essentials to purchase the rest in Nepal?  Is there a place that I can store my traveler luggage so that I don’t lug it around the Himalayas? Can I ship some gear to Nepal and have it waiting for me when I get there?

There seems to be one common theme everywhere on the internet, bring your own boots.   I have done a lot of hiking in Colorado and I’m very familiar with trekking or backpacking.  From what I read, you can buy boots there but they are horrible Chinese brands with questionable quality.  I was originally considering hiking shoes but depending on the weight of my pack, boots are really nice when trying to save your ankles.  It seems like every backpack trip I go on, at the end of the day or when I’m trying to make distance too fast, I make one bad step and throw my ankle but the boot ankle support saves me.

So far what I’m seeing is that you can rent most gear from sleeping bags to down jackets.  Fleeces are available for sale at many places for cheap.  If you want official northface or mountain hardware, they sell those too at western prices.

It seems shipping gear to Nepal is questionable and unreliable.  If you are taking an expensive guided tour then maybe you can ship it to them.  Seems there are a lot of variables that can happen between shipping from the United States to Nepal. Everywhere that I have seen on the internet seems to point to not doing this.

So I am currently leaning towards this.

Carry the essentials of what I need in India for Nepal.  I will have to see have my backpack fills out though.

  • Hiking Boots – I can wear on the plane and destination hopping because I won’t have room for them in my backpack
  • Long Underwear – Doesn’t take up much room
  • May take my down Patagonia Sweater depending on room.  If not I will purchase or rent when I’m there.


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