Got an Indian SIM card

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I went and applied for an Indian SIM card.  From Palolem, I took the scooter to Chardi which is the closest town.  I had to give them my passport, an extra passport photo, and fill out an application.  My 25 … Continued

Palolem Beach, India

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Well, for those of you who don’t follow the other social medias.  I have made it to Goa!   Palolem Beach is such an euphoric place.  I got a $10 a night beach hut with electricity and a fan.  It … Continued

Jeff Kinsel Photography

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Photos now available for purchase I setup a site where photographs can be purchased now.  You can order framed or canvas prints.   They have a plethora of other options as well, such as iphone cases or even pillowcases.  I’m … Continued

Updated my RTW packing list.

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  Click here to view my updated packing list.  I’m sure I’ll tweak it a little bit before my departure of March 8th.  It was actually pretty easy to do since I purchased most of the items on Amazon.  I … Continued

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