Departing March 8th, 2015 to Goa, India

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I’m currently working on the India Visa application.  I completed the online portion of the application on Friday and this week I have send off half a dozen signed documents with my passport to Houston in order to receive the 6 month visa.  I also need to send a copy of my drivers license.  After my application, I found out there was a Visa on arrival for US citizens but that is only good for 1 month which doesn’t work for my desired flexible schedule.  You need a ticket leaving the country before they will issue that and proof of sufficient funds.  You still have to complete a online application for that as well.  Both are $60 but the 6 month visa costs a few more dollars by the time you pay for shipping and some other $18 processing fee.  I think the 6 month visa works better for me anyways.  You can easily burn through a month in India.  As I read about the beaches in Goa, I’m seeing stories of travelers going for a week and end up staying for a month.  The beauty of this trip is that I can stay as long as I want.  Lodging can be as low as $4/night for a hut on the beach.

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  1. I thought you said March 1 would be your final departure date

    • I decided to make a stopover in Texas for a week to see the family. I’ll be flying out of Colorado on the 28th of March now.

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