Gili Air, Indonesia

Gili Air, Indonesia

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Took an hour long speedboat across the open sea from Bali to Gili Air Island.  White sand beaches, turquoise translucent waters, cabanas, locals strumming on weathered classical guitars, and beautiful happy hour sunsets while sipping on a frosty cold beer….yes this is the tropical island paradise.  Did I mention no cars.  The only traffic on this island is from horse and carriages, fat tire bikes, and people in flip flops.  The island is littered with a dozen dive shops which is a major reason why you come to this paradise.  Those who aren’t divers can snorkel too.  The coral reef surrounds the island so you just walk from the beach into the ocean, and wah-la, you are in world class snorkeling.  This is the place that you come you to visit and you never leave. Ask any expat dive master their ubiquitous story and they will tell you,  “I just came to visit and never left.”..many never even dove before they ventured to the island. Guess you could say they are living the dream.  Gili Air Island is one of three islands off the coast of Lombok.  Each having distinct and contrasting personalities.  If you looking for party then you hit Gili T (Trawangan), if you are looking for a honeymoon then Gili Meno, and if you are looking for something in between party and honeymoon then you hit Gili Air.  Gili Air is the only island of these three that has fresh water so it is nice having the luxury of taking fresh water showers.  The vibe is chill and definitely a nice place to rest and relax.  I absolutely loved this island so much, I ended up staying for 8 days.  I couldn’t help but to think “maybe I should stay and get my dive master .”


I did a lot of diving on this island… was incredible.  I saw a lot of turtles, beautiful coral, and plenty of other colorful sea creatures.


During the dive my Aussie dive buddy got my attention and pointed at this 6 foot sea snake coming right for me nearly a foot away. I let out a underwater bubble scream “Ahhh sea snake! Deadly dangerous snake! Everybody out of the water!!” And then I look over at my crocadile dundee buddy and he was like “that’s nawt ah snaaake. Yew wanna see ya snake come to austraaalia.” Then this vicious deadly snake crept right by me along the coral before entering a hole. Thank god. I was this close to grabbing my Aussie friend by his BCD vest and pushing him into the snake so I could make a safe get away. Australia is notorious for having the meanest most dangerous creatures in the world so I can see why he wasn’t too phased. Turns out my buddy has swam with hundreds of them. He even had one in his vest once that came out when he was back on the boat. When we were on the surface he was like “mate I just want you to see him. Didn’t mean to startle you.” “Hahahhaa sorry I thought you were warning me. Hahaha!” After the jumping aggressive malayan pit vipers incidents in Vietnam, I am a little more cautious. Photo is only of part of the snake.


The road on Gili Air.wpid-20150826_115811.jpg



I think Indonesia has some of my favorite spicy curry in all of Asia.  The food in Indonesia is really good!!!  Sorry I didn’t get more pictures of food. Half the time when the food comes out, I’m absolutely so starving and feel like I’m going to pass out from having such low insulin levels! I am like, “hurry, hurry…waiter!  I need food in my belly before I kick over and die from this hunger!” As soon the food hits the table, I scarf it down like a wild hyena.  And after I have inhaled the food like a person who has not eaten for a month, I remember that I should have gotten a photo of that succulent and wonderfully delicious meal. One thing about Indonesia is that the portions feel a tad bit small, so the stomach never feels that American full.  I could never bring myself to order two meals at one time however I am sure that there are people who do it.   The humorous thing about all of Asia is that they always ask you “How many?” when ordering even when you are eating by yourself.   I’m always confused by that question but maybe there is logic behind it.  So maybe they are like “How many orders, you American? I know you guys like to eat a lot!” “ah yes, thank you for asking how many. As you can see I am a hungry American, I will take 5, please.  I cannot call it a meal until my stomach feels painfully full!”  I will admit that I think I have lost weight while traveling.




I have always been a fan of positive sayings.




Island entertainment…every sunset, people migrate to the beach, get a front row seat, and watch nature’s most glorious spectacle.


Island Reggae Bob Marley cover band.  No matter what tropical paradise you go to in the world, they almost always inevitably play the tunes of Bob Marley.  These guys sounded just like Mr. Bob himself.  Live music on the beach, sand between the toes, smile of my face, and thoughts of “island life”….oh yes, this is a “chill bump” moment!



Sandy bottom restaurants with a view…..:)

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  1. Amazing. I really hope I end up making it here on my RTW. Just curious – how is it meeting people to hang out with here? Were there many other solo travelers around?

    • Yes there are solo travelers. In general, vacation spots are a little more difficult in meeting people than backpacker destinations. Tourist on two week holidays that are in a group arent really wanting a new friend or to add somone to the group as much. Not saying it doesnt happen but it is a different mindset and they already have their group. Hostels are always great for solo travelers meeting people. There are a few on the island. Indonesia definitely wasn’t as social as the rest of SE Asia but I didnt have a problem meeting people. I didnt stay in a hostel on the island either but I just chatted with people who I saw sitting alone and made new friends. I also had friends show up who I had met elsewhere. You will meet plenty of people that seem to leap frog destinations with you. Or you will see on facebook that you are in the same destination. If you go on a RTW, you will rarely be alone. I have made tons of great life long friends on this trip. I definitely recommend Indonesia. There is a reason why everyone who goes there loves it. Don’t worry about traveling solo to Gili Air or anywhere else.

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    Makes me want to hop a plane right now!

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