Goodbye Myanmar!

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I really enjoyed Myanmar.  I am a bit sad that my Myanmar 28 day visa came to an end.  I wasn’t ready to leave.  For me, the country captured the quintessential essence of why I love to travel.  It inspired me, changed me, and I really felt what it is like to be in love again.  I think I am learning that the most important thing about travel is people. Maybe that is the most important thing about life too.


I have never seen such a friendly and happy population.  I never felt uncomfortable even when I was the only westerner around.  People in Myanmar are good people with good hearts.  I’m sure there are a few bad apples but that is in any society. On numerous occasions people went out of their way to help me even if language was a barrier. The kids here were so cute and always came up smiling, waving, and saying hello.  They were just so jolly, always laughing, and goofing off.  You couldn’t help but to return the contagious smile with laughter. Even for a single guy, I couldn’t help but to say I want one.  I’m not sure if they do adoption in Myanmar but I would be too afraid to walk into any orphanage. I would want to take every kid home and would probably come out with a whole new Brady Bunch family.




This little girl was so cute.  She was blowing us kisses as we walked past her house.


Blurry picture taken from a bouncing moving train.  Kids coming out to wave at the train.


Kids coming out to wave at us.  You can in the background more kids running.


Sorry for all the blurry pictures but I still love the pics.  Moving pics.


3L3A2798I was walking into a reclining buddha temple and these kids came up and wanted pictures with me.  I had them pose for a picture for me.

I would like to say that Myanmar is a hard to place to travel to keep it low key but it really wasn’t hard.  I thought travel was easy compared to Nepal and India.  If I showed up at the wrong train station, a local would walk me to the correct one purely out of kindness.  Locals help tourist and really are happy that you are visiting their country. The lively buses felt like sitting in first class on an airplane while they thumped the latest Myanmar pop karaoke tunes on a flat screen tv. I have to say all the entertaining karaoke videos seemed like the same love story that involved some sort of dramatic breakup or even death.  I enjoyed hours of this and even felt sorry when the predictable breakup happened.



The food was extremely tasty, I thought.  I have met other people who didn’t like it but I really enjoyed it.  Despite getting sick once, which I will chalk up as my own careless mistake, I would say it was fairly safe to eat.  I never had any issues with any street food either. I did stay away from the pungent smelling fermented fish though.  Just the smell was enough to make me suddenly become too full to eat.   I did eat a lot of incredible seafood while I was here and really enjoyed the spicy noodle dishes. 


wpid-20150521_120626.jpgGreen Onion Tempura

Safety was never an issue.  I always felt safe.  I could probably leave my bag on the street and nobody would take it. I never thought twice about putting valuables in my non-lockable outdoor bag while being stored under the bus. I was never worried about any fingers reaching in and grabbing anything or someone walking off with my luggage.  That’s not Myanmar.  I saw a prison while I was here but I couldn’t help to wonder, who is in there, if nobody steals here.

I am really going to miss Myanmar.  It has been incredible and fun!


I really liked this statue! He cracked me up!

Next stop Chang Mia, Thailand which is in the north.  My tentative plan is cross the boarder and continue my journey into Laos.

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