Goodbye Texas, hello India!

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Well, the time is finally here.   After a week in Texas, tomorrow I’ll be heading out to India.  My flight from DFW connects in Abu Dhabi, then Mumbai, then Goa.  When booking the flights, they all gave me an “often times delayed more than 30 minutes” warning but for a guy with no set plans and a flexible schedule, if one gets delayed to the point where I miss a connecting flight, then I just roll with it.  Living in the moment. That will probably be the theme of my life on the RTW trip.  After I arrive at the airport in Goa,  I’ll take a taxi to Palolem Beach which should be a hair raising 1 1/2 hour drive.  All the preparations are done and I’m all set to go. People ask me if I’m nervous about the trip.  Even though I’m landing in India without any lodging reserved, I’m not at all.  I have been nervous about the preparations, like that feeling that you get when you are going out of town and left the stove on, but not about not about the trip.  Honestly, I know I’m all set.  I have had way too much time to think about all of this.  Way too much!  But it is finally here!!!

The week in Texas went by fast.  I arrived in DFW during the snow storm of the century which definitely looked apocalyptic with all the wrecked vehicles littering the highways.  My arrival to DFW in the snow storm of century also was not without drama.  I actually checked in a piece of luggage that I’m leaving with my family in Texas and it got lost by the airlines.  I think this is the first time I have checked in luggage in years and of course, it got lost.  Reminds me of how happy I am on my decision to RTW with only carry-on sized luggage.

After being picked up by my buddy Weston in his Texas sized truck, along with other rescued patrons, Josh and Steve, we headed back to Fort Worth. We went to a quick Fort Worth chili cookoff and then to a Mavs game.  My time was short in DFW and I wish I could have had more time to see all my friends there.  It has been a race against the clock to get to India before the monsoon season.


(Drew, me, Weston at Mavs game)  – Perry, not pictured

For the remainder of week, I spent in heart of East Texas with my grandmother and dad.  Weston graciously offered to drive me the two and 1/2 hour drive back to my family which was very appreciated.  Time in East Texas was spent eating and last minute preparations.  Vegetables are nearly nonexistent and the world class bbq always makes me gain a lot of weight.  I got my money switched out to the crispiest dollars that the bank had, as foreign countries tend to not accept minor flawed U.S. dollars and picked up a case for my reading glasses.

I was a little upset that I didn’t get a youtube video uploaded but don’t worry it is coming.  It maybe something that I have do when I get a little down time on the beaches of Goa.  For those of you who don’t know….editing video takes a lot of time but I love doing it.  I really wanted to get a video of what’s in my pack as well.  If I can do it later today I will but otherwise it will have to wait to be filmed while in my beach hut.

Well, one more day and I’m off…..I’m so excited that I can hardly find the words to explain it.  It is like an 8 year old waiting for Christmas.  I’m sure I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight but I can always play catch up on the plane.  It has been an intense past few months with trip preparations, a lot of goodbyes, and tons of well wishes.  The whole experience thus far has been emotional and somehow making a dream into a reality is something I’m still in shock that is happening.  I can’t wait to grow, learn, have many new experiences, and meet interesting people along the way!  To all my friends and family, I’ll miss you a bunch and thank you so much for being so supportive!  Love you guys and until next time ~ salud

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  1. James S.

    Go with the flow! Looking forward to hearing and seeing the journey.

  2. Excited to read about all of your adventures!

  3. Safe travels and we will keep the home fires burning. Love you Jeff!

  4. So excited for you Jeff! Lil Ethan can’t wait to hear all the stories you will have when you get back. We love you and hope you have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

    Ryan, Michelle, and Baby Ethan

  5. Stay safe jeff, I love you! Can not wait until you come back with all your stories and experiences you will have
    Your dream has come true! Again I love you and wish you the most wonderful time! Love you so much. Mimi

  6. Perry Alan

    I love it Jeff! And so it begins. Thoughts and prayers brother. Looking forward to the next update. Cheers


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