Hoi An – Vietnamese Rivera and Custom Suits.

Hoi An – Vietnamese Rivera and Custom Suits.

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Hoi An, the “French Rivera” of Vietnam.  This idyllic postcard city is absolutely stunning.  Located on a river and even has a beach only a few miles away, it is perfect.  I can see why so many tourist flock to the city.  The river is lined with beautifully faded french colonial architecture and lots of really interesting shops from custom made taylors, asian laterns, to wonderful Vietnamese art.  Sometimes as a traveler, I have to hold myself back from purchasing a bunch of nic nacs but if I think this would be the place I would come to decorate my house asian style.  On top of that, there is a lot of good food here.  Anything from Tex-mex (close enough) to locally unique Vietnamese noodle dishes.


I had the honor of being here during the lantern festival which is each month when their is a new moon (no moon showing). They turn all lights off and everyone purchases these candle lanterns and floats them down the river.  The candle lights illuminate the river and makes for some beautiful photography.  It is a wonderful sight!!!


Beautiful lanterns of Hoi An.





Custom made suit!  On my first trip to Thailand, I bought a couple of custom made suits and I have been spoiled on them ever sense.  A custom made suit fits they way it is suppose to.  The shoulders lines are in the right spot, the sleaves are the right length, the leg width is correct, and there is just the right amount of room on all the right places.  You can’t take any generic off the shelf suit and taylor it to fit like this.  I would rather have one custom made suit than 50 top of the line cookie cutter suits.  Anybody who ever has had a custom made suit will certainly agree with this! So Hoi An is known for excellent custom made clothes so I had to take advantage.  Seriously I had a hard time not dropping my entire travel budget on suits. Would it be practical to wear a suit everyday while traveling or should I say backpacking?  No, not really but the THOUGHT did cross my mind.  I could be the “Suit Backpacker!” I could see it now…”Hey look at that backpacker in a suit.  Is that the Suit Backpacker?  I have heard about him. He’s so cool.  Do you think he will give me his autograph?”  Yeah maybe not.  Probably wouldn’t help me to get good deals on things either. “Okay high roller, that will be $200 USD”  “ah, but the price should only be $2.  Okay, will you take $20?”


Pacific Coast Highway of Vietnam.  When I was riding the bike to Hoi An. I came to a “Y” intersection. The direction I needed to go was left but I noticed every motorcycle was going right. Motorcycles are not allowed on every road and I couldn’t understand the signs. When traveling, I tend to be very aware of what locals are doing. So I looked at the map and noticed it was longer but it seemed to go to the same destination. So I ended up going the same direction as all of the other motorcycle riders. Through serendipity, I had the most amazing sunset coastal cruise on the bike. I think I found the “Pacific Coast Highway” of Vietnam.




Bahn Mi Sandwich food cart


Sorry for the blurry picture.  Camera didn’t focus and this is the only photo I have of the local noodles.

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