How to keep your cell phone number while traveling?

How to keep your cell phone number while traveling?

This is freak’n awesome!  So as my daily routine of scouring the internet for more information, I started reading of people who keep their cell phone number while traveling and not paying Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, or whoever you might have.  It is pretty simple and has two steps.  The first is Google Voice.  So Google voice has this service, where you can get voicemail and they will forward your number to whoever.   They are not a cell phone service provider.  You basically pay $20 to port your cell number over to them.  Keep in mind, once you do this, it will terminate your cell phone service with your current carrier and you will be liable for any termination charges.  Anyways, you transfer (port) your number to Google voice then here is step 2.  You then setup a Skype account that allows you to receive and call numbers as long as you are on WIFI. Doing this will allow you to forego paying high international calling fees and be able to receive calls from your local cell phone number.  It only works while on WIFI.  You will also need to download the app for your phone.  So you then setup your google voice to forward the calls to your Skype number.  On Skype, you can setup the caller ID to read your own cell number as well.  So when you are dialing out from some international location, people will see that it is you and your recognizable cell phone number calling.  They can also call you on your cell phone number while you are hooked up to WIFI.

Steps to keep your cell number for RTW

1) Create Google Voice Account

2) Port number to Google using Google Voice

3) Setup a Skype Account

4) Setup Caller ID on Skype

5) Use Skype on your iphone with the Skype App



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