India visa has arrived in the mail

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India visa arrived.  It took me about week to get it back from CKGS, the company India outsources their visa applications though.  For residents of Colorado, I had to use the Houston Consulate for India.  I purchased the FedEx carrier service through CKGS to ensure that it went to the right location and was returned correctly.  That cost me an extra $30 ($15 each way).  The visa application itself for a six month multi-entry was around $80.  Be aware, once you pay for the FedEx pickup, they show up at your door a few hours later.  I didn’t even have a envelope for my documents.  I ended up printing the FedEx label and dropping it off at a FedEx location.  The whole process from when I FedEx’d my documents was a week.  I even was missing a document but CKGS just sent me an email asking for me to sign, scan, and email that document back.  They shot me an email every step of the way to let me know where it was in the application process.  I could even go onto their website and check application status at anytime.

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