Kuta Lombok – Surfs up

Kuta Lombok – Surfs up

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Kuta, Lombok.  Not to be confused with Kuta, Bali.  Kuta, Lombok is on another island east of Bali and has a much different personality.  The feeling of Kuta, Lombok is that of a Jack Johnson surf video.  It is laid back and very much a surfing destination.  You see surfers everywhere blasting down the beach roads on scooters with attached surf racks following the tides to catch the best waves.  Words like “dude and brah” are used ubiquitously in every sentence.  “Hey brah, did you see those rollers over there?”  “Duuuuddee!” “Brah!” You can’t help to admire how cool these surfers are.  My attempt at the lingo exposes me as a poser. I tried surfing many years ago in Costa Rica but I can’t call myself a surfer by any means.  I am a surfer at heart though and as a snowboarder, I do feel certain a connection with surfers. I connect to the mountains in the same way as the surfer connects with the ocean.  The surfer feels the ocean’s raw force of undulating swells, paddles to match the force of the wave, and then stands up only to be miraculously projected forward in an addicting adrenaline rush ride. I get it!  As a snowboarder, I float down the powdery white slopes, bouncing with each contour of the mountain, following the natural gravitation force of earth, and when I get to the bottom I am like “Yes, may I have another!”  It is a eurphorical feeling….and I love it.  Unfortunately, still battling my foot injury, I had to sit out from surfing on this portion of my trip.  It is still cool seeing it all.


All of Indonesia is beautiful.  I hope to return to this place one day! I’m definitely surfing next time!!wpid-20150829_164321.jpg

View from my lodging.  It felt good to be near nature.




The ninja monkey…appeared out of nowhere, posed for a few pics, and then left.


Look how happy that parrot looks on my shoulder.  Thankfully he waited til getting off my shoulder before going to the bathroom.



$2.50 for the buttery and flavorful grilled fish.




I took this picture so I could remember when I dropped off my laundry but it shows the surfer rack on the scooter.


Jack Johnson video below.

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