Making Progress on RTW

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Storage Unit

I have officially emptied my storage unit.  I donated most of the items to ARC and the rest I brought back to my condo.  I still need to go through some of the boxes and figure out what is important and what is not.  Minimizing life’s material possession is very liberating, yet I feel a certain cense of nakedness getting rid of everything.  The positive thing is that I’m saving $140/month that I was spending on that storage unit.


I have got my second round of HEP A and B vaccinations which my company health insurance to paid for.  I still have one more round of shots which will be on my near departure date.


This is tough one.  I know that I need to sell my vehicle soon before the slow auto season starts.  My days are numbered and I know I can get more for the sell now than if I sell it during the holiday season.  It’s big thing to give up the vehicle.  Running errands plus feeling trapped in the microcosm of where I work/live/play will be difficult.  I keep telling myself that these sacrifices are for the greater good and my ultimate goal/dream.  I am hoping to put it on the market this week or next.  Most likely next week.

Drivers License

I have scheduled an appointment with the DMV to get my license renewed.  It will expire when I’m on my trip.  I figure it is best to go with all my documents unexpired so I am renewing early.  After that I get that renewed I will use my drivers license to get an International drivers license.  It is $15 and lasts for a year.  AAA is one of the legit places that offers them.  They are good for a multitude of countries and they are written in various languages.

Travel Doctor Consultation

I need to schedule this in the next week or two so they can update me on anymore recommended travel vaccines.  They will also prescribe all the medicines for WHEN I do get sick.

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