Ngwe Saung and the surrounding villages

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Paradise.  Perhaps. Paradise is different for each person. Give me a beautiful bamboo beach bungalow, fresh seafood, a motorized scooter, a cool seaside breeze, a few coconuts, and a little sun and I’m sold! This place was fun! Seriously fun! I stayed here for a week and wished it was a month.  Was this a vacation from my vacation?  Certainly felt like it.  It almost felt too good to be true.  My days were spent eating, basking in ocean air, and exploring the neighboring rural fishing villages on motorbike.


In Ngwe Saung, many people don’t speak English which I thought was kind of nice.  It gave a more authentic feel that has yet been so influenced by tourism.  It will come but it hasn’t blossomed yet.  Trying to find something as simple as bug spray turned out to be a daunting task by running to shop to shop.  How do you do sign language for that?  My thought was to do a “ZZZZZZ” sound along with a few finger stabs on my body and then a “stshhhhhh” to imitate a bug repellent spraying sound.  I got showed jackets, makeup, lotion, and scented spray.  Finally after searching there was one person who understood what I was asking for but he didn’t have it.  He showed me that he only had insecticide, so I got him to write in burmese on a piece of a paper on what I needed.  That way I could show each shop owner the burmese note instead of doing my version of a poor sharades game.  This seemed to work and my mental images of mosquito born diseases such as japanese encephalitis quickly dissipated.  If you have free time and want to be thoroughly grossed out, you can google that one.  Trust me, you don’t want it!



Exploring on the motorbike was so much fun and adventurous!  It involved riding on the beach during low tide then curving into the jungle to a river crossing, then waiting for a local fisherman to come and carry you and the bike.  One day we had three ferry crossing to get to one village and by the time we got there and had lunch we had to turn around.


Ferry crossing.  $.70DSC00871

Chang Thar Village

DSC00848One of the villages surrounding Ngwe Saung.


A place where we were waiting for a boat crossing.  wpid-20150524_153906.jpgBridge – At least I think so.


A visit to the elephant farm.



Rural fishing village.


Ngwe Saung Village


BBQ Grouper – Myanmar style


Goodbye Ngwe Saung, you will always have a piece of my heart and I am better person for having visit you.

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  1. Beautiful place. I can’t wait to see pics of your next stop. Safe travels!

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