On stable ground in Thailand.

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I made it to Bangkok.  My last night in Kathmandu was a sleepless one. I was awoken by more earthquake tremors.  After doing my walking tour of the devastation around Kathmandu and seeing the war zone, my mind was racing.  Following the shaking of my bed and room, I was left with many “what if” and “should I” thoughts.  What if this building collapses? Should I sleep in my clothes?  Maybe put something more appropiate on for a quick getaway or rescue. I don’t really want to be found naked in a pile of rubble or running through the streets in my birthday suit covered in dust. Should I at least get everything prepared for a quick getaway? Maybe pack my stuff and leave the door unlocked? In reality the shakes happen so fast without warning that there is not really enough time to react.  The traumatization of being barraged by constant earthquakes and aftershocks will be with me for a while.  Even the turbulence on the plane yesterday gave me earthquake flashbacks and sent my mind into survival mode. I am defiinitely happy to be on stable ground in Thailand now. 

My perception of the current situation in Kathmandu including the Thamel area is that it is up and running. There are UN tent cities and relief efforts going in full swing.  For many businesses, it is business as usual. Not every building is crushed but signs of earthquake damage seems to be around every corner.  The planes and buses are back to running as usual. The typical Kathmandu traffic and the cacophony of blairing horns are still everywhere. I would say maybe 20 percent or more of the shops and restaurants in Thamel are open.  Food and water is available.  Power is still shotty but that is normal for Nepal.  They sell their power to India so it seems to be out half the time anyways. Hotels not damaged are still taking in tourists.  Nepal relies on tourism to survive. It is their major source of revenue.  My hotel owner at Karma Travellers wanted me to be sure to share with everyone that they are open for business and travelers are very welcome.

So I am currently safe in Bangkok and will be heading to Myanmar for month in a few days.  Questional internet connections may make it more difficult to update the blog but I will try as much as possible.

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  1. I’m glad your safe in Thailand. We’ve been praying for you often and hope to see you soon!

  2. cassandra kanter

    Such amazing experiences! I enjoy reading your posts and am glad to hear you are in a safer area!

  3. Glad you made it out safe. Enjoy Thailand… Make sure to see a kickboxing match. Good fun!

  4. Enjoy brother. Bangkok is surely crazy, but at least it’s familiar!

  5. Glad you made it out of Nepal in one piece, my friend- good decision 🙂 Safe travels!!

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