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Portland, Oregon

Wow, what an incredible place.  I loved this place so much, I’m almost afraid of posting and spoiling how cool it is.   The place is filled with ubiquitous coffee shops and roasters on every corner, eye feasting people watching, slobbering good food, and illustrious landscapes.   Being from the south, I didn’t think any place could top the food in Texas but Portland has blown my mind.  I had excellent sushi, clam chowder, fried razor clams, mac & cheese, sheapard pies, and and a wonderful thanksgiving dinner.  There is a lot to choose from in Portland and with harsh yelp reviews and critical clientele, each place steps up their game.  I loved how dedicated each place was in making the food the best as possible.  There is just so much love, passion, and dedication to all things in Portland! Majority of my time was spent in the Knob Hill area, Pearl District and Cannon Beach.  Portland is such a cool place!

funky bike

Funky bike parked in front of Deschutes Brewery in Portland.  I love the funkiness of Portland.

Knob Hill

Portland Oregon Door

I love the the colors of Portland and the funky nostalgic architecture.  We were staying in Knob Hill area outside downtown.  The neighborhood is a feast of colors and feels a bit mystical walking around.

Forest Park


Miles of trails nestled in the hills of the city!

Forest Park Portland Oregon 2

Forest Park – literally walking distance from the heart of the city.  We did a little hike through the beautiful network of trails.  It rained on us but that doesn’t mind the Portandia residents who seemed to jog, walk their dog, and enjoy the great outdoors in the wetness.  It is not a bad wetness though, many locals don’t wear raincoats and it seems after a week there I was already getting use to it.  It is more a drizzle most of the time rather than a rain.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

Portland has a strong asian influence.  They have two incredibly beautiful asian gardens, a Japanese garden and a Chinese Garden.  This picture is of the Chinese Garden which we enjoyed an excellent cup of green tea at as well.

Portland Coffee Roaster


As a home roaster myself, I found myself in heaven in Portland.  With the numerous coffee roasters in Portland, this was my favorite.  This meticulously brewed Guatemalan coffee in a Hario v60 was my fav!

Best Clam Chowder!


Lompoc Tavern – Had the best clam chowder of my life here!  They only serve two days a week!  I was fortunate to get to try it!

 Best Mac and Cheese

Pub 21 Mac and Cheese

Best Mac and Cheese on my life!  Pub 21

 Excellent Beer

Good Life IPA

I enjoyed so many good beers in Oregon.  I have to say the IPAs were ridiculously addicting!  I was really impressed with the balanced hops in their IPAs.  Definitely much different than the IPAs in Colorado.  I think Oregon has the IPAs dialed in.  I had many great ones that I tried.  Good Life Brewing made one my favorites!

Portland Wanted Poster

Wanted Sign

Hilarious wanted poster at the Korean Market in Portland!

Cannon Beach and Astoria

We drove to the coast for a night.  We stayed in Cannon Beach which was the famous filming location of the Goonies.

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock


Goonies Haystack Rock

Filming location of the Goonies at Ecola State Park


Goonies House

As a huge fan of the Goonies growing up, I couldn’t miss out in an opportunity to visit the Goonies house in Astoria!  I was half tempted to the truffle shuffle!

Bill's Tavern Brew House

We enjoyed a few brews at the award winning Bill’s Tavern Brew House.   I loved the IPAs here!


My visit to Oregon was so great!  I already miss it!  I could see myself living here someday.  What an excellent place!!!  

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