Packing Cubes

RTW Packing

Being organized is hands down the most important thing when trying to pack light and fast on a RTW trip.  After researching packing cubes, I have decided to go with the Eagle Creek Specter Compression Cubes.  The pair cost me $38 which contains one that can be utilized for shirts and another for underwear.  I will probably get another set before my trip which I will use for shorts/pants and socks.

The fact that I can compress 6 shirts easily into a pancake, gives me the benefits of being organized and not taking up much room. Basically you pack up the cube, then zip the side compression zipper which compressed the cube into a pancake.

Eagle Creek Specter Compression Cubes

Eagle Creek Specter Compression Cube SetEagle Creek Specter Compression Cube Set 2


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