RTW – Current Progress

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I am feeling the pain of waiting til the day I embark on the RTW trip.  I just feel it can’t come too soon.  I have to admit I’m not the most patient person at times and I’m sure that will be tested on my trip.  Maybe the mindset will be different on the trip as well.  On my budget, I’m currently over half way on saving.  I have been working on selling my possessions and trying to save as much as possible.  I started bringing sack lunches to work, just to save a few extra dollars.  I still need to start getting vaccines. Some of the vaccines take multiple shots that must be spread out over a period of time.  I know I need to get that done soon if I want to embark on my trip on time or at least be vaccinated in time of my departure.  I definitely don’t want to get something like hepatitis on my travels.  I prefer being a little bit of an adventurous and risky eater when I’m traveling so that is why I must get vaccinated.  I have also been working on getting new credit cards and bank accounts that are more geared towards foreign transactions.  Some of the credit cards charge 6% foreign transaction fees for every purchase made outside of the United States.  I opened up a bank account at Charles Schwab which reimburses any ATM fees both domestically and Internationally.  Unlike banks such as WellsFargo who nickel and dime every possible fee to make money off of you, Charles Schwab makes their money off of investments.  The banking is a added benefit.    Also I’m currently still do a bit of research on gear that I will be taking.  I definitely want to record and document as much as possible.  I’m still working on the size and type of pack which I will post more in detail in another blog.  I think I’m pretty close on what type of photography and video equipment I’m going to carry.  I will also post that at a later time.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc, I’m ready for this departure date to be here!

Selling my belongings for the RTW

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Goodbye things!

So I have been reducing my material possessions for the RTW (Round the world) trip.  I’m still a few months out.  At this point it looks like I won’t be taking off until February.   The active Colorado summer has put a little hamper on my budget.  I’m okay with delaying it a little bit if that means enjoying my life now.  My goal is to sell as much as possible before my trip.  I don’t want to store items that can be replaced.  The cost of storing can outweigh the cost of purchasing new when I return.  Plus I can use the money and I really don’t want to have the stresses or worries of holding onto thing on the trip.  What items are not replaceable, I will try to store with friends or family.  I don’t want that to be much though.


  1. I don’t want to pay for storage for replaceable objects which would eat into my traveling fund.
  2. I want the flexibility to extend the trip if desired.
  3. Cash from sold possessions can be used for the trip!
  4. No worries!


SOLD! Goodbye Motorcycle


Yeti 575


Backpacking Bison Peak to McCurdy Park

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iPhone Photos

A solo 22 mile adventure over Bison Peak and into the beautiful and verdant McCurdy area of the Lost Creek Wilderness. I’m definitely turning into an ultralight backpacker. Enjoying the hike with a 38L backpack versus lugging around a 70L is the way to go. Think day pack. My packed weighed in under 30lbs and I was still able to carry a coffee grinder and light weight chair.

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