Planning a trip around the world todo list

Planning a trip around the world todo list

Things to do before leaving on my around the world trip.

Let me start out by saying the amount of reading, planning, and day dreaming about my life as an international vagabond has probably been overkill.  Most people who do longterm travel, do far less than I do but there are definitely some that do more.


This is the big question in everyone’s mind.  How much?  Well as much as this seems the deciding excuse as why a lot of people can’t go, I am finding that you can really do this on whatever amount you want.  There are ways to generate income on the international road as well as ways to save money on the road.  There are many different systems that travelers have to extend their trip.   And there is a colossal amount of information out there telling on how to do it.  I will save that for another post.  I decided to try save as much as possible and have definitely sacrificed a lot in order to achieve my dream.  I have had to constantly remind myself of the greater and my dream.  Here are the things I personally suggest and have done.

1.   Sell or donate your stuff.

This has been actually liberating.  I realize how much junk that I have accumulated over the years and getting rid of it has been freeing.  Most of that crap is replaceable anyways.  I have a storage unit that I was paying $140/month for items I would never use again or I could replace with a few bucks.  Honestly, what I do need that stuff for. This is too hard for some people as they are too tied to their possessions.  Remember in the end life is about experiences and I won’t get to enjoy my dream if I’m worried or having to store my junk somewhere. So I sold some stuff and donated a boatload to ARC which is similar to Good Will but for mentally handicapped people.

 Big items sold
  • 1100cc Yamaha V-Star Motorcycle
  • Yeti 575 Mountain Bike
  • Toyota Tacoma – In progress

2. Create budget spreadsheet.

One thing that I’m learning about traveling, is that you need to know how much money you have, how much you are spending, and how long that will last you.  Some of these people online are meticulous and fastidious on their budgets.  I have to say that I’m becoming the same .  I want my travels to last and so I have over estimated probably by far on everything.  I will create another post on just creating a budget spreadsheet another time.  This budget spreadsheet has been just for the art of saving and how much I want to have on my trip.  I have to say, I have been a little loose on my expenses until this point.  The objective of a budget spreadsheet is to see how much are you saving versus how much you are spending.   Then take the saving and divide that by the number of desired months, then that is how much you have each month, kind of like your personal salary on the road.

Monthly Income – Expenses = Savings

Total Savings / Time on the road = Monthly psuedo salary on the road.

3.  Dial in expenses and work on savings.

For me, I had to make some sacrifices for this.  I actually turned down a lot of fun activities this summer due to me trying to budget but I know it will be worth it in the end.  I have already done things like I turned before and on my trip, I will be doing so many new and exciting things that I will be so happy that I am able to enjoy it with a few extra dollars in my pocket.

  • Sold Items and got rid of the $140/month storage unit.
  • Started weeding out my monthly expenses.
  • Cut out eating out as much
  • Started bringing my lunch to work.
  • Cut down on concerts
  • Cut down on trips to the mountains.  I live in Colorado.
  • Cut down on buying things.
  • Became a cheapskate.


I want to start off by saying you can really do this on whatever type of budget that you want to on.  It is basically living as an expat or on the road.  I have read online about who people that literally start out $1500 and made the trip happen.

My RTW Todo list

  1. Budget
  2. Cut down on spending and dial in expenses
  3. Sell Motorcycle
  4. Sell Truck
  5. Get CarToGo membership
  6. Go to Storage Unit and sort through items.
  7. Donate items.
  8. Sell possessions
  9. Donate possessions to ARC or Goodwill
  10. Get storage unit and prepay for a year.
  11. Get Charles Schwab ATM card to reimburse ATM fees
  12. Apply for Chase Sapphire card with no foreign transaction fees.
  13. Apply for Capital One Venture card with no foreign transaction fees.
  14. Renew drivers license
  15. Get international Driver’s license with AAA
  16. Get health checkup and vaccinations that insurance will cover with doctor
  17. Schedule travel consultation appointment with a travel doctor to get rest of vaccinations
  18. Get new travel camera
  19. Switch current photography equipment to more travel friendly equipment
  20. Get GoPro and accessories
  21. Purchase backpack
  22. Purchase laundry kit
  23. Purchase travel bar shampoo
  24. Purchase locks and chain
  25. Purchase passport cover
  26. Purchase travel pants
  27. Purchase Icebreaker T-shirt
  28. Purchase wool socks
  29. Purchase hiking shoes
  30. Purchase earplugs and eye mask
  31. Purchase Exofficio travel underwear
  32. Research destinations
  33. Watch tons of youtube videos
  34. Visit tons of travel blogs
  35. Research like hell
  36. Get tentative game plan on which countries to visit
  37. Get VISA requirements for tentative countries
  38. Start Travel blog
  39. Get travel insurance
  40. Book ticket
  41. Daydream often.
  42. Read lots of books!

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