Pokhara, Nepal – Another tremor last night

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We had another aftermath tremor last night.  I was on the third flood of my hotel and felt the shake.  Like times before you could hear a rush of people screaming and running outside.  I immediately got dressed and hurried downstairs.  I am in what I think is a new construction building so I think I’m in better shape than some. There is definitely some unsettling nerves about it though. One can only wonder how much more shaking these buildings can handle.  Someone told me that part of a building fell from that shake but I didn’t go exploring. At that point, we were all exhausted and standing in the streets discussing the latest hearsay.  Any restaurants that were open at that moment quickly closed for the night. Many locals and tourists moved to one story establishments and made makeshift pallets to sleep on the floor.  Lots of people were camping along the beach as well.  For those of you who don’t know, Pokhara is a mountain city that is on a lake.


I have a feeling that we have felt the worst of it but by no means are we experiencing what the folks in Kathmandu are.  The streets of Kathmandu are more like alleyways and there is no close place to escape to.  The old brick buildings in Kathmandu are tight and very close to each other. Where I was staying in Kathmandu, it was probably a 20 minute walk to get to a spot that I would deem safe from falling buildings.  Even the main road out of Thamel (area most tourist stay in Kathmandu) had a fallen light post that destroyed a car.



Thamel – As you can see there is no place to really escape.



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