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I awoke to another tremor this morning at 5 AM.  I think at this point everyone was sleeping or too tired to react. I didn’t see the hoards of people rushing outside like every other time.  My room has been showing cracks but I’m not sure if those are new or old.  Nevertheless, it sure doesn’t make me feel good.  My senses are definitely heightened right now and I am much more observant to any cracks at this point.


My visa runs out for the 5th of May.  At one point, I considered extending it and hiking the Annapurna but it doesn’t feel right at this point.  I am not sure even what the conditions are up there currently.  I know here in Pokhara, they are running jeep services with supplies and checking on the mountain villages.  I don’t think anyone knows the true damage or to what extent it is up there.  Many of these little abodes are built on steep inclines or even stilts.  I can only imagine what the devastation is up there.


Currently the vibe here is for tourist to contribute in any supplies possible (tents, sleeping bags, jackets, water, food, or $$$) not human resources. I donated money for the cause.  I don’t think they want a bunch of tourists marching the hills for survivors but I can’t help to feel a little helpless in the situation.  The devastation that some are feeling is sympathized by all of us visitors.  Our experiences can’t compare to losing loved ones or homes.

As I have been scouring the internet and news feeds, I am noticing that I recognize some of the people from Everest Base Camp.  It is a small community up there and as in any small community of 500 everyone is familiar.  I have reached out to some of the people that I met but I haven’t heard anything back.

I am going to stay in Pokhara for another week but I think may grab a flight to Myanmar with a layover in Thailand after that.




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  1. Wow. I am praying that it doesn’t get worse and don’t believe it will, but it may be time to bounce. The fact that your unharmed is a miracle. Safe travels to Thailand!

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