Best Around the World ATM Card

Charles Schwab Banking

No International ATM fees!  After researching the best credit cards and bank cards, I came across the card.  Unlike my Wellsfargo card who nickel and dimes me in a seemingly duplicated fee business model, Charles Schwab actually doesn’t charge you for using the ATM card or have any other unscrupulous banking fees.  In fact, they will reimburse your ATM fees if charged by another bank, even if it is international.  Wish I had this card when I was one of the $10 ATM fee places.  Vegas, cough, cough.  They make their money of investors.  Setting up the Charles Schwab One Brokerage Account, gave me one account for savings and trading stocks and one checking account for banking.  The funds can be easy moved around and they charge $8.95 per trade.

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