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I have decided that I want to do carry on only.  And the thought of checking in luggage which can be rummaged through and have missing items when I get to my destination is nerve wracking and will give me anxiety many times on my around the world trip.  So I picked up an updated version of my old Osprey Porter 46 at REI this weekend.

Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter 46 Laptop

Osprey Porter 46









First of all, let me say that I absolutely love this backpack.  I have used the older version on my travels and it has been great!  Not having to check luggage has saved me and gave me a peace of mind plenty of times.  When a typhoon was coming into HongKong and my connecting flight was cancelled, they asked if anyone had carryon only that could be pushed to the next flight. Out of a line of a 100 people, I raised my hand and was hustled to the front.  Other people had to camp in the airport overnight.  And when on a bus, I can even fit on my lap rather than throwing it in the scary out of sight underneath compartment where it can be easily snatched.

The newer version of the Osprey Porter 46 is only sold at REI.  It features a new updated back compartment that will fit my 15 inch MacBook Pro as well as iPhone, and Kindle.  It will be nice having these items accessible without having to pull out all the contents of the backpack every time I want to use my laptop or kindle in public.

Carry-On only for Travel Around the World

By purchasing carry-on compatible backpack, I will be forced to make decision on what to carry.  I find the advantages of having carry on luggage only for a RTW trip far outweigh any disadvantages as seen below :).


  • No stress of having to let your luggage out of sight.  Especially when you have expensive gear or the fact that airlines do lose luggage.
  • Easy to carry. Carrying a small piece of luggage around everyday is much easier than lugging around huge bag all the time.
  • Fits on your lap.  Nice to be able to set on your lap rather than the trunk of some shadey cab driver or under a bus.
  • Simple Life. Carrying only what you need not only will make the trip more stress free, but it will make the trip more enjoyable.


  • Cough cough, none!  Maybe forcing yourself to slim down and pack smarter, you won’t have that one item that you lugged around for an entire year to use only one time.


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