RTW Planning Progess

RTW Planning Progess

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Departure date of March 1, 2015

Update: I have decided to fly back to Texas for a week.  I will now depart on Feb 28th to Texas and then fly to India on the 8th.

I have pushed back the departure date to March 1, 2015 but I have decided I will not push it back any further.   After I sold and donated many of my possessions, I have decided that I will get a small storage unit for the rest of my possessions.  I’m looking at an extra $700 to $1000 expense to keep my items in storage.  My budget isn’t going to be quite what I wanted on the trip but I think I will be fine.  At this point, I just have to go and if I run out of my budget on the trip, then I run out..cut the trip shorter or find some way to make it work.  I really don’t like over planning itineraries so my plans are a bit flexible anyways.

This week I was able get a travel consultation for my vaccinations and trip prescriptions.   There are an overwhelming amount of terrifying diseases out there and you can really get wrapped up into the preparations.   Currently, I am already getting my Hep A & B shots with my primary care physician.  I have one more dose in January before I’m fully immune.  On this travel consultation, I received a shot for yellow fever and polio.  I opted for the pills on TB since the immunity lasts for 5 years versus the shots only lasting for 1 year.  They also recommended getting a vaccination for rabies ($250/dose – 3 doses) and japanese encephalitis ($240/dose – 2 doses).  At the thought of tacking on an additional $750 for the rabies and $480 for the japanese encephalitis, I kindly said I’ll think about it.  Honestly, how common are those and what is the true risk?  I ended up spending $300 for my visit and she gave me prescriptions for travelers sickness, altitude sickness, and malaria treatment.  I told her that I’m not a fan of taking malaria pills and they made me sick when I took them once before.  For a year on the road, it is not feasible to take pills everyday and honestly I think that is overkill.

In January after the holidays, it is going to be crunch mode.  I think I’m going to go ahead and get a small storage unit.  The costs of shipping/moving items back to Texas really don’t out weigh the costs of just paying for a storage unit for a year here in Denver.

January todo list

  • Take extra passport photos
  • Mail off application for international drivers license
  • Mail off application for Visa to India
  • Get storage unit & start moving items
  • Put truck up for sale
  • File Tax return


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