RTW Visas

RTW Visas

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I am learning a lot through my research on this.  Most of the online RTW blogs that I read have serious advice on doing plenty of research before you go.    I will continuously update this as I find information  So my goal is travel the world.  I don’t have a set itinerary which makes it a little difficult.  In this scenario, it is best to get an idea of countries beforehand.  I really would prefer to show and get visa on arrival but unfortunately that is not possible in every country.

Each countries has different requirements.  Here’s the questions I am asking when researching.

  • Can I get a visa on arrival?  If so, do I have to enter at the international airport or can I cross the border on land?
  • What is the process? and process time? Do I some part of it early and the rest on arrival?
  • If you have to mail your passport off when doest the visa start?
  • How long and how much does the visa cost?  Many countries have different options.
  • What documents are required?  Bank Statement, proof of residence? Itinerary?
  • Do I need an exit plane ticket before I can get it?
  • Am I required to show immunization history?

Keep in mind foreign travel requirements are temperamental and can change quickly especially in political unrest. 

Please note that I’m an U.S. citizen and have written the information based on being an U.S. citizen.  The requirements can be drastically different for different nationalities.

U.S. Citizens traveling to other countries.

The U.S. government has setup a great sit for visa information on each country: travel.state.gov



India Visa Requirements – Updated 11/12/14

This is a country you want to do your research on.  I finding that this needs to be done ahead of time and is a little bit of a pain.  For India, you need to go through a third party which can be found online.  You will need to mail off your passport and wait in turmoil to receive your passport back unless you are lucky enough to live in Washington D.C, Chicago, New York, Houston,  San Francisco, or Atlanta.  Wait times can vary with nationality as well.

NOTE: Duration of Visa starts when application is processed not on entry.


Duration of Visa Costs
10 Years (120 Months) Multiple Entry $171
5 Years (60 Months) Multiple Entry $171
6 Months Multiple Entry $81


Nepal Visa Requirements – updated 11/13/14

So there are two way to getting a visa to Nepal.  You can receive the Nepalese visa at the Kathmandu international airport and along various border crossing (listed on Embassy website) or apply via the embassy.

Embassy of Nepal

  • Visa on Arrival: Yes
  • Visa Length:  15/30/90 days (multiple entries allowed)
  • Visa Cost: $25/$40/$100
  • Requirements: 1 recent 2×2 photo, visa application, passport valid for at least 6 months


Cambodia Visa Requirements – updated 11/13/14

  • Visa on Arrival: Yes, at Siam Reap and Phnom Penh airport as well as some other border crossings (listed on embassy website).
  • Visa Length: 1 month from entry
  • Visa Cost: $20
  • Visa requirements: 1 4×6 cm recent passport photo, 1 visa application form, passport valid for 4 months, (and may need to demonstrate sufficient funds in account and a return ticket)

Embassy of Cambodia


Laos Visa Requirements – updated 11/13/14

Embassy of Lao Visa requirements

Embassy of Lao Visa Information

  • Visa on Arrival: Yes, at international airports and various border crossings.
  • Visa Length: 30 days from entry and can be extended by the Laos Immigration Office.
  • Visa Cost: $50
  • Visa Requirements: 1 application form, 2 recent color passport photos, passport must 6 months of validity.

Vietnam Visa


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