Selling my belongings for the RTW

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Goodbye things!

So I have been reducing my material possessions for the RTW (Round the world) trip.  I’m still a few months out.  At this point it looks like I won’t be taking off until February.   The active Colorado summer has put a little hamper on my budget.  I’m okay with delaying it a little bit if that means enjoying my life now.  My goal is to sell as much as possible before my trip.  I don’t want to store items that can be replaced.  The cost of storing can outweigh the cost of purchasing new when I return.  Plus I can use the money and I really don’t want to have the stresses or worries of holding onto thing on the trip.  What items are not replaceable, I will try to store with friends or family.  I don’t want that to be much though.


  1. I don’t want to pay for storage for replaceable objects which would eat into my traveling fund.
  2. I want the flexibility to extend the trip if desired.
  3. Cash from sold possessions can be used for the trip!
  4. No worries!


SOLD! Goodbye Motorcycle


Yeti 575


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