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I got my virtual mailbox setup this week so that I can view my mail while traveling abroad.  It is a service that will scan my mail to be viewed online, forward to another location, or even deposit a check for me. I researched all the major companies out there and decided to go with Traveling Mailbox due to their price and the fact that they have a location here in Colorado. They don’t charge all these ancillary fees to scan and shred mail like most of the others service providers such as EarthMail.  It was pretty easy to setup.  It took me a few minutes online to complete the application and then I had to print out a post office form that allows Traveling Mailbox to be an agent for my mail.  The form had to be notarized and have a copy of two forms of identification attached.  Luckily, I work in the legal department which made it easy to get notarized. After that I had to scan the signed notarized document and send it back to Traveling Mailbox to complete the application.  I ended up pay $20/month for this service which will give me a piece of mind while traveling.  Now I just need to get all my banking and addresses changed over.

Traveling Mailbox will

  • Scan your mail so that you can view online
  • Forward your mail or parcel to any address
  • Deposit Checks
  • Shred unwanted mail

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  1. I’m less happy with that Aurora, CO destination address. They are telling me to use a distinct address in North Carolina for packages. That seems untenable to me when shippers like Amazon won’t let me choose between USPS and UPS/FedEx/DHL etc. shipments.

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