Sony RX-100 III Travel Camera

SONY RX100 IIILast night I just ordered a new small-scale camera for my travels.  The Sony RX-100 III!!! I have read numerous articles and watched plenty of youtube reviews of this tiny little powerhouse of a camera.  Click here to watch a review.  It is packed with meticulous DSLR camera settings in body that fits into your pocket.  Shooting in RAW, no problem.  Manual – bokeh (blurred background) no problem.  It has an impressive F1.8 Zeiss Vario(24-70mm) with flexible screen and view finder.  I don’t need to get into the sales pitch for this camera but it is bad ass.

So I wanted something that I could fit into my pocket, take great photos, and take video.  Let’s be honest, what good is an incredible photo taking DSLR camera if it is sitting in the hotel or you are too afraid to pull out in a sketchy area.  I really like this camera as to something that I can have on me at all times and will be non-invasive with pulling out in a crowded market or hanging out of the window of a chicken bus.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my DSLR camera but I think there is a place in my camera bag for both.  Sometimes I just don’t want to lug around that heavy workhorse of a camera around.

My company gave a bonus for doing these health requirements, blood work, health assessment, health coaching, ect.   So I received $450 in gift visa cards for that.  I had another $200 in Citireward dollars that I could apply to my Amazon account, then $150 out of pocket and I bought the $800 impressive Sony RX-100 III camera.  Not too bad.   While researching for around the world trips, the secret is learning how to be smart with your dollars and take advantage of things like this to pay for things.  Learning the mindset of not a really parsimonious budget but just learning to be smart with your finances will go a long way in RTW travel.

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