Thai massages and Heading to Myanmar

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Well, I’m off to Myanmar which I am really excited about. I am a little sore from yesterday’s Thai massages.  After my 30 minute foot massage, I went back for round two.

For those of you not on the UncommonGlobe facebook, here is my post on my foot massage from yesterday.


Did you know that being a massage therapist in Thailand is a hazardous occupation? Neither did my foot massage therapist before today. I got a 30 minute foot massage for $4 and realized my feet are really ticklish. Each tickle spot caused my foot to do a reactive bruce lee kick narrowly missing the lady’s face. Thankfully none of my kicks landed.

On round 2, I got an 1 hour full body thai massage that the girl did a number on me.  Thai massages aren’t like your typical swedish oil massage. Thai massages involve feet, tugging, stretching, pulling, and painfully pushing on your limbs and muscles until you feel like a rubber Gumby. There is no oil in a Thai massage.  The masseuse uses every body part to get maximum force. Your limbs seem to stretch farther than you ever imagined they could possibly go.  And don’t worry about the strength of the little thai girl giving the massage, she is stronger than a UFC fighter.  They of course can go easy on you if you ask.

Me, I had a face of determination when I went in and the lady knew I meant business.  She did not hold back and I couldn’t tell if she was playing a game of “mercy” with me.  With every tug and stretch that caused a moan, she would ask if I was okay.  I wasn’t going to say mercy yet.  I had to let her do her business because I felt I needed a good stretch after the hike in the Himalayas.  And it has been India since I have done yoga, so I had some back work that needed to be done. I have to say it was great and it cost around $7.

I can say now that the mission was accomplished and I’m glad I’m leaving for Myanmar.  I’m afraid I might masochistically have gone back for round three if I wasn’t leaving.


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