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RTW Card

Capital One Venture Visa

After ungodly amount of researching, I picked up another travel credit card this week.  It seems on my previous travels, my credit card always gets put on hold.  I cancelled my old card with BarClay after this happening on multiple trips.  Even after I called them beforehand and told them that I would be traveling to this country.  And then the international phone number on the back didn’t even accept collect calls.  After paying a $80 long distant bill to get the card turned back on and getting a Barclay person on the phone who doesn’t even hardly speak english, I was done.

There are many out there that are good but I decided to go with the Capital One Venture Card.  It has 2:1 miles which I can redeem easily but purchasing any ticket or hotel with my card and just use the miles to pay for.  Some of the other cards require you to use their travel agency or have some other stipulation that seems to be a pain for me.  This card has $0 first year annual fee, and $59 there after which is cheaper than most.  It has no foreign transaction fees which is the most important thing when selecting a travel card.  The ubiquitous 6% foreign transaction fee on most cards adds up fast.  It also gives you a 40,000 mile bonus when you spend $3,000 in your first 3 months.  I will probably get another card before my around the world trip but I want to make sure I start getting these situated.  I don’t want to apply have multiple cards in the same month.

Key Travel Credit Card Factors

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Miles (2:1 in this case)



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