Around the World Travel Vaccines

Around the World Travel Vaccines

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Getting Vaccinated for a Trip Around the World

This week I was able to use my health insurance to cover some of my vaccines.  My insurance does not cover travel vaccines but they were able to cover Hep A and B as well as Tetanus and Wooping Cough which are covered under preventative healthcare ($295 savings).  I used my annual visit which is covered 100% by United Healthcare and I also got $100 Visa gift card from my company as an incentive.  Closer to the departure of my around the world trip I will get a travel consultation and get any other recommended vaccines and prescriptions for the parts of the world I will be visiting.

Travel Vaccine Health Costs

Hep A and B – $85 per dose (3 dose series)  – Second 1 is one month after the first, and the third is 6 months out.

Tetanus and diphtheria $40

Denver Health has all travel vaccine costs listed here.


After speaking to my doctor, he was telling me that malaria prescriptions for one region will not be effective in other regions so you need to get malaria prescriptions that are specific for where you are going.  My friend Mike who travels quiet a bit and is a doctor recommends picking up malaria medicines at the local pharmacy in whatever part of the world you are. They will be plentiful and cheap wherever you go.





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