Update on Everest Base Camp Hike

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At Dangboche 14,500 feet.  Two days of hiking in the snow from Namche which makes me feel like I am in my Colorado comfort zone.  I am feeling good and strong.  No problems with the elevation yet and I am confident I am going to make Everest base camp.  A sherpa told me it is chest deep snow at base camp now from the latest storm but I am sure it will be tracked out by the time I get there. Many of the other passes in the area are closed. Every step is breath taking and I am stuck with a goofy ear to ear smile.  This is a hiker’s fantasy land and I could definitely hangout here for a while. Todays hike was supposed to be a 6 to 6 1/2 half hour hike but I made it in 3 1/2.  I even stopped for lunch and photos. I think maybe the estimated time is based on most people struggling on the uphill. I actually enjoy the uphill grind. I am just so stoked to be here and hands down this is the best hike of my life.  Nepal is a wondrous place and the sherpas are inspiring people. They deserve a seperate post.  They are kind, generous, and the strongest hikers on earth.  The Himilayas are absolutely magnificent and bigger than anything that I have ever seen or could have imagined.  I really feel that I am on the top of world. 

Tomorrow I will stay here and do a couple of climitization hikes then move on from there.

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  1. Perry Alan

    Incredible! I can almost see it…ear to ear smile included:)

  2. Jeffe, you already made it as far as I did (had to turn around in Dangboche due to altitude sickness), and sounds like you’re well on your way to BC! Congratulations mam, keep the story going….

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